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Politician refuses to cut off cellphone on airplane

A member of parliament appointed to a senior government position boldly told a flight attendant that he would not be switching his cell phone to airplane mode before takeoff because “it doesn’t apply to him.”

The new Progressive Liberal Party MP was traveling on a Bahamasair flight when the exchange occurred.

As the aircraft was pushing off from the departure gate, a flight attendant asked the politician to either switch his cell phone to airplane mode or cut it off in preparation for takeoff.

However, the MP boldly continued to use his phone, taking advantage of his newfound power.

The suggestion was that he didn’t have to comply with Bahamasair’s policy as his political party is in power.

He isn’t the first politician to give Bahamasair flight attendants a hard time.

A cabinet minister traveling on a flight from Freeport to Nassau tried to change his seat on a full flight despite an airline employee’s insistence that the flight would be operated with assigned seating.

The allure of power and a big title has also prompted several members of parliament to refer to themselves as Honorable when they’re outside of Parliament and to use that title on signs outside of their constituency offices.

Though Senators and cabinet ministers are always referred to as Honorable, members of parliament who do not sit in Cabinet only carry the title “Honorable” during parliamentary proceedings.

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