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Parents: Eleuthera schools not prepared for face-to-face lessons

Parents across Eleuthera, where schools reopened today, are up in arms as there are little to no safety protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Parents are angry that none of the classroms have hand sanitizer and janitorial staff do not clean the classrooms throughout the school day.

At one school on the island, there was no toilet paper or hand soap, the bathroom has no running water and the toilets had stagnant dirty water.

Additionally, the schools have one single mop and cloth to clean the bathrooms and the classrooms.

The children could be seen playing together on the

outside during breaks despite social distancing protocols.

To make matters worse, the students were still on the Virtual Platform.

Half of the students did not show up for school as parents, who have not been employed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, cannot afford to purchase school uniforms and supplies.

Parents are now urging Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd to reconsider this move until the schools have the necessary protocols in place to ensure students are learning in a safe environment.

Eleuthera’s 10pm curfew remains in place.

If the Competent Authority believes that Eleuthera is still at high risk, residents are questioning why face-to-face learning has resumed.

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