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Omar Archer accused of defaming National Security Minister

Paid FNM mouthpiece Omar Archer has been charged with intentionally defaming National Security Minister Wayne Munroe.

In a video that was shared widely on Facebook, the 51-year-old liar-for-hire accused Munroe of domestic violence.

Archer claimed that Munroe hit his wife Dorothea in the mouth in July 2021 with the intention of defaming his character and causing him embarrassment.

Archer pleaded not guilty to the charge at his arraignment before Magistrate Kendra Kelly.

She remanded him to prison until Wednesday when she will consider bail.

Archer has another pending libel case after he claimed a woman had AIDS.

He was called upon to present a defence in that case. Since he has no defence, Archer has been trying to avoid going to prison in that case by claiming that the libel laws are unconstitutional.

However, the Court of Appeal has ruled against him and ordered that the case proceed.

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