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ZNS GM sent on leave; Staff not paid on time

The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas (BCB) failed to meet its payroll deadline today as a consequence of the foolish decision to send Acting General Manager Andrew Burrows on administrative leave.

Burrows was placed on three months leave, effective immediately, as the ZNS Board of Directors moves to replace him with outgoing Press Secretary Clint Watson.

The move was viewed as a slap in the face to employees who recently voted Burrows boss of the year.

When the Board unceremoniously dumped Burrows this week, it did not consider how this would impact payroll ahead of the Labour Day holiday weekend.

They have been assured by Chairman Picewell Forbes that the corporation is working to get their money in the bank shortly.

It is not the first time staff were not paid on time due to leadership changes. The last time the ZNS general manager was sent home, the payment of salaries was delayed for several days. Executive management asked for patience as a new team was ushered in following a change in government.

However, frustrated staff members aren’t buying that excuse this time as they say rumors have been circulating for weeks that a new general manager could be hired.

Watson is no stranger to “The Hill”. He worked as a field reporter and anchor at ZNS for ten years before leaving the corporation to take on a more senior role as News Director at fledgling station Eyewitness News.

He quit that position and his nightly talk show in 2021 in favor of a more visible job as Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Watson’s mouth has often landed him in hot water with the media and a few nonprofit organizations over the last two years.

His return to ZNS is being met with mixed reactions as Watson did not always see eye to eye with some of the more senior news personalities at the government-run station.

Burrows, on the other hand, was viewed as a more harmonious figure who worked behind the scenes to ensure a peaceful work environment and, in turn, a better news product.

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