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Seven people face fraud charges in WSC probe

Seven individuals are set to appear in the Magistrates Court today, facing charges related to fraud following an investigation into the operations of the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC).

The charges stem from a probe initiated by then-Minister of Works and Utilities, Alfred Sears, in October 2021, aimed at scrutinizing questionable contracts issued by WSC.

The investigation, prompted by Minister Sears, was undertaken to assess the integrity of contracts awarded by the WSC.

Concerns were raised regarding potential irregularities, prompting the Ministry to conduct an internal audit to delve into the matter further.

Subsequently, the findings of this audit were handed over to the Attorney General's office for further review.

Upon review, the Attorney General's office deemed it necessary to involve law enforcement, resulting in the initiation of a police investigation into the matter.

The identities of the accused individuals have not been disclosed at this stage, pending their appearance in court.

However, it is anticipated that the charges will shed light on the nature and extent of the alleged fraudulent activities within the corporation.

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