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Residents concerned over MP’s alleged involvement in South Abaco projects

Residents and business owners in South Abaco are expressing concern over allegations of their Member of Parliament, John Pinder, being involved in several projects on the island, potentially sidelining business opportunities for locals.

Business owners on the island allege that preference is being given to a single construction company, Wilkem Solutions, which is rumored to have ties to Pinder.

Pinder, who transitioned from roles as a caretaker and bartender to frontline politics, is now facing criticism from constituents who feel he has become disconnected from the average person's needs since his election to the House of Assembly in 2021.

According to concerned residents, the frustration has escalated following recent developments. They claim that opportunities for other construction companies to participate in projects such as Sandy Point roadworks, the Customs warehouse at the airport, Sweetings Tract water initiatives, the construction of a police station, and a hurricane shelter are seemingly being monopolized by Wilkem Solutions.

Constituents are contemplating gathering signatures to send to Prime Minister Philip Davis, urging him to address their dissatisfaction with Pinder's performance as a MP.

Pinder, a political newcomer, secured his parliamentary seat in 2021 under the banner of the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP).

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