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Well-known realtor evicted after racking up $49K debt

In a twist of irony, a well-known realtor could soon be homeless after a judge ordered him to vacate the lavish home he was renting after he racked up $49,000 in arrears.

He was ordered to be out of the home by August 21.

Osborne Stuart, the CEO of Adler Realty, was hired to list the West Bay Street home of a former FNM cabinet minister following his sudden death but decided he wanted to rent the home from the late minister’s widow at a cost of $2,500 a month.

However, over the last two years, Stuart who lived in the house with his first wife and daughter then his second wife, fell behind on the rent.

The realtor couldn’t let his new wife know he couldnt keep up with the monthly payments as he had led her and her family to believe that he owns the spacious Western New Providence property.

The former minister’s widow took Stuart to court to force him out. Despite retaining the legal services of former Immigration Minister Elsworth Johnson, Stuart lost the case.

He begged the judge to give him until August 30 to move out but that request was denied.

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