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UPDATE: Body found on beach may be Prison Officer

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Prison Chief Charles Murphy was on the scene of a body discovery on Goodman's Bay Beach this morning, with police suggesting the person may be a prison officer.

The man's body was found "crouched under the passenger seat" of a silver Nissan Fuga that was parked on the Western parking lot of Goodman's Bay on Tuesday morning.

"An examination of this body was conducted. There were no injuries found to the body," according to RBPF Press Liaison ASP Audley Peters.

When asked by reporters why the prison chief was called to the scene, Peters said, "it is unusual. There's information within the vehicle that suggests that it's a possibility that this individual may be a prison officer and that's why his presence was here this morning to confirm but at this moment we cannot confirm or deny whether that individual is a prison officer," said Peters.

Police said they are not labelling the incident a homicide at the moment. When pressed on whether it is a suicide, Peters could not speak to that.

"However difficult it may seem, there is always hope," Peters said though.

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