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Travis Robinson case goes to Supreme Court

A man convicted of threatening to harm an FNM MP has appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.

Magistrate Kendra Kelly fined Garvin “G-Money” Dawkins $500 for saying he would drop a “bombshell” on Travis Robinson, who was then the MP for Bain and Grants Town.

Kelly, an FNM appointee, rejected Dawkins’ testimony that he meant he would reveal information that could have damaged Robinson politically.

Dawkins told the court that he had information about corruption regarding contracts that Robinson had issued.

For his part, Robinson claimed that he had never heard the word bombshell used in the political context.

According to him, he thought he would be shot. Robinson claimed that he was too afraid to leave his house and the police came to him to record his complaint.

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Sandra Gay-morley
Sandra Gay-morley

Wow! What a time, we living in.

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