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Senior officer dies after collapsing at police station

The Royal Bahamas Police Force (RBDF) is mourning the sudden death of Chief Superintendent Weymond Demeritte.

The commanding officer of Quakoo Street Police Station collapsed and died while on duty at the station today.

Witnesses say he appeared to suffer a heart attack but that will not be confirmed until an autopsy is conducted to determine the cause of his shocking death.

Demeritte, who is in his early fifties, spent most of his career at the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU).

He was transferred from DEU in December 2021 following his promotion to chief superintendent, and he was appointed officer in charge of Quakoo Street Police Station.

Demeritte also spearheaded Operation Ceasefire, which has achieved significant success since its launch.

Police have arrested hundreds of suspects for a number of offenses, including possession of illegal guns and drugs, during the operation, which was ramped up this year.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Demeritte family.

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