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Rapist caught selling drugs in jail

A convicted rapist has been accused of selling drugs from behind bars.

Prosecutors have charged Oswald Samuel Poitier, 25, with drug possession with intent to supply after he was allegedly caught with 2 ¼ pounds of weed in the medium security section of the prison.

Poitier denied the charge when he appeared before Magistrate Samuel McKinney today.

The question of bail didn’t arise as Poitier is currently serving a 10-year sentence.

Poitier, the son of private investigator Oswald Poitier, returns to court for trial on March 28.

In 2020, Poitier took a plea deal in the rape case.

Poitier took the woman on a date on May 23, 2018.

She started to walk home after he made unwanted sexual advances but Poitier refused to take no for an answer and he threw the woman on the ground and had his wicked way with her, robbing her of her virginity.

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