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Public Prosecutions Dept fires overpaid African lawyers

Qualified Bahamians are set to take leadership roles in the Department of Public prosecutions now that two African lawyers have received their waking papers.

The former Free National Movement government insulted Bahamians in 2019 by hiring Ugandan David Bakibinga and Nigerian Nikikura Nebo-Jones to the posts of assistant DPP and deputy DPP respectively.

The FNM claimed that no Bahamians were qualified for the posts.

However, the foreign hires were unable to practice since the Bar Council did not recognize their degrees.

Disgruntled prosecutors quit in droves, leaving the DPP’s Office with a manpower shortage.

The PLP righted the wrong by asking the Judicial and Legal Services Commission to terminate the contracts of the African lawyers.

The employment of Bakinbinga and Nebo-Jones ends today.

Qualified Bahamian lawyers Cordell Frazer and Basil Cumberbatch are tapped to replace them.

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