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Police seize DRA storm supplies from Pastor Silbert Mills church

Police on Abaco have seized missing items belonging to the Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA) that were discovered in the church of Pastor Silbert Mills.

Mills, who is a former board member of the DRA told authorities that he had gotten permission from former Managing Director Katherine Forbes-Smith to use the items, which include a stack of bedding and heaps of air mattresses.

Under the Minnis Administration, $6 million was paid to Brickell Management for domes, which were to be erected to provide temporary housing for displaced residents. However, there were other items included in the payment that were not accounted for.

Police sources tell us they plan to question both Mills and Forbes-Smith as the long list of items had been unaccounted for since the former board was replaced in late 2021.

The discovery angered new members of the DRA, who felt the supplies should’ve been distributed among hurting Abaco families that are still suffering and struggling to rebuild three years after Hurricane Dorian devastated the island and its cays as a category 5 storm.

Instead, the much-needed items were hoarded in the prominent Abaco pastor’s church.

The discovery comes days after thousands of Dorian victims were memorialized during a series of events.

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01 Δεκ 2022

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