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Police escort Water and Sewerage GM off property

Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) General Manager Elwood Donaldson was escorted by police from the corporation’s University Drive headquarters over the holiday weekend.

Three police vehicles were seen parked outside WSC’s office.

The corporation has been dogged by allegations of corruption in recent months.

Leaked documents revealed that four people had the same contract for one project, including Free National Movement propagandist Clement Chea who hasn’t done a proper day’s work since the FNM won the 2017 Election.

In August, Donaldson confirmed in a statement that the company signed a contract with Alexandria Mackey, who was the fiancée of then-WSC Chairman Adrian Gibson at the time.

While documents clearly list Mackey and Adrian Gibson’s cousin Rashae Gibson as the directors of Elite Maintenance Incorporated Limited, Donaldson attempted to spin the story by claiming that Mackey signed the agreement with WSC as Elite Maintenance’s attorney.

“I can confirm that a Ms. Alexandria Mackey (the attorney), who originally interacted with the Corporation as a legal agent for a company by the name of Elite Maintenance, did indeed advise the Corporation of this via correspondence. I was advised of her authorization to act as attorney of record. The attorney – at a later juncture – issued correspondence to the Corporation advising that she was no longer authorized to act on behalf of the company as agent and requested an amendment of WSC’s records to reflect the same,” according to a statement issued by Donaldson.

However, Donaldson did not deny that Gibson’s cousin Rashae was also named as a director.

Additionally, a woman who signed Gibson’s nomination paper before the September 16 election, was the same woman whose company was awarded more than $500,000 in contracts by WSC last year.

What appears to be the same signature appeared next to Gibson’s Long Island campaign general Joan Knowles’ name on all three documents.

While in opposition, Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis called on the attorney general and commissioner of police to immediately launch an investigation after WSC documents were made public.

The new WSC board has said this will be top priority.

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