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PMH morgue, lab staff on strike

Overworked and underpaid workers at Rand Morgue and the laboratory at Princess Margaret Hospital have gone on strike for the next two days, as they did not get the special honorarium promised by the Minnis Administration.

Staff members tell the Gallery that the driver and secretary of Minister of Health Renward Wells each received a $5,000 honorarium while some hardworking employees who put their lives on the line everyday coming into contact with Covid-19 patients are only receiving $1,100.

Lab workers say even the person who is responsible for delivering specimens for the lab received $5,000 while technicians received a tiny fraction of that.

Additionally, workers say they have yet to be paid.

To show their frustration, workers did not report for duty today and said they will also be staying home on Friday.

This will no doubt place an additional burden on the morgue which is beyond capacity, threatening the integrity of the bodies of the deceased.

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