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PM to address nation on illegal migration Plan

Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis is expected to lay out his administration’s plan to tackle the country’s growing illegal migration problem in the coming days, amid the worsening crisis in Haiti.

Government officials have been working behind the scenes to stop the tide of Haitian migrants seeking to enter The Bahamas illegally and will lay out comprehensive plans on the way forward, according to insiders.

It comes as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that all seven Bahamian diplomats in Haiti, including the spouse of the Chargè D’Affaires, were flown out of Port au Prince by helicopter and taken to the Dominican Republic.

They are expected to return home shortly.

As tensions escalate, Haitian protesters blocked roads and broke through gates in the capital’s airport and the Prime Minister’s house as gangs killed more than ten police officers.

It has sparked a humanitarian crisis as Haitian nationals attempt to flee the island nation.

More than 500 Haitian migrants have been caught trying to enter The Bahamas illegally in the last three weeks.

On Tuesday night, a sloop with 100 people onboard ran aground in South Andros.

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Yvette Simone
Yvette Simone
Jan 31, 2023

When again???

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