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Petroleum Retailers hold successful meeting with PM

Senior civil servants are expressing optimism following a positive meeting members of the Bahamas Petroleum Retailers Association (BPRA) had with Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis today.

The group, comprising over 20 retailers, threatened to strike this week as they are losing money due to a spike in oil prices. A strike could have a devastating impact on motorists and local businesses.

They met with the prime minister and Minister of Economic Affairs Michael Halkitis today to discuss the rising cost of fuel.

Senior civil servants who attended the meeting applauded the respectful tone the Davis Administration struck during the sit-down as opposed to the arrogance and ignorance often displayed by senior members of the former Free National Movement (FNM) government led by Dr. Hubert Minnis.

Though no agreement was reached during the meeting, insiders say it was very cordial and petroleum retailers walked away feeling optimistic that their concerns will be looked into and addressed in a timely manner.

Oil prices have soared globally following Russia’s unrelenting attack on Ukraine.

Motorists on New Providence have seen gas prices exceed $6 a gallon.

Though some experts have predicted prices could hit $8 a gallon in the near future, Halkitis has maintained he does not think prices will exceed $7 per gallon.

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