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Our News hires Sebas reject from Eyewitness News

Our News has debuted Eyewitness News reject Kendeno Knowles a year after he was fired by Island Luck TV boss Sebas Bastian.

Knowles was the face of Eyewitness News when it launched in 2018 but newsroom insiders say he was lazy, arrogant and was only interested in sitting on the news desk.

Knowles got too big for his britches and was sent packing after his ego got out of control. Bastian told him there can only be one top dog.

The former anchorman landed a job at the Ministry of Tourism working closely with then-Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar as his personal PR man.

Knowles was pulling in a $70,000 salary to follow the minister around but staff in Tourism’s Communications Department were not impressed with the former newsman who they say was full of talk but no action.

When D’Aguilar and the Free National Movement were drop kicked out of office in the September 16 General Election, Knowles was drop kicked out of Tourism by new Minister Chester Cooper who had no use for him.

It now seems he has landed at Our News, where reporters have been jumping ship in search of higher paying government jobs.

Popular journalists Kyle Walkine, Gilian Gray and Georgo Bain have all quit in recent months for Public Relations positions in government ministries.

Once considered a better alternative to ZNS, which panders to the government of the day, Our News was the newscast to watch with talented and attractive reporters.

But the quality of its content has gone downhill as it continues to lose top talent.

Knowles filled in as host of On The Record on Thursday night for show regular Jerome Sawyer. Knowles, who is rumored to be Sawyer’s ex-sweetie, is a carbon copy of Sawyer and tries to sound just like him.

His debut fell flat with a boring show that droned on for one hour. His lackluster return to news won’t have Sebas regretting his decision to cut Knowles loose.

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