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Our News falling apart under lazy Kendeno

Eyewitness News reject Kendeno “Lazy” Knowles is off to a shaky start at Our News as staff is already fed up with the anchorman, who got the job because of his “friendship” with boss Jerome Sawyer.

Knowles, who is a Johnny Come Lately, is already anchoring the news but sounds just like Sawyer, who trains all of his underlings to be little mini-me’s. He even grew facial hair to look like Sawyer’s.

Behind the scenes, Knowles was fumbling to get the news in on time and staff wouldn’t help him because he flammed his way to the top.

Knowles was sitting at his computer shaking like a leaf because he couldn’t figure out the Our News system.

Knowles was hired last month but was already promoted to News Editor, which is a slap in the face to other reporters who have worked with Our News for years and are more familiar with its operations.

They are wondering how a man who got fired from his last two jobs climbed the Our News ladder so fast.

Eyewitness News Boss Sebas Bastian kicked Knowles to the curb over his diva-like antics.

Knowles fast-talked his way into the high-paying position but only wanted to be anchor and wasn’t bringing anything else to the table.

He tried to outsmart Eyewitness News Chief Clint Watson and steal his job but Watson got the last laugh by proving to Bastian that the popular newscast could still pull in high ratings without Knowles.

Watson moved on to an even bigger position as Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister but Bastian still didn’t want Lazy Knowles back.

Knowles then got a job in the Communications Department of the Ministry of Tourism but DPM Chester Cooper tossed him out on the pavement within weeks of becoming Minister.

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