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Omar Archer falsely accuses police officer of bribery

Paid FNM liar Omar Archer Sr could have his bail revoked for ignoring a court order to stay off of social media.

Magistrate Kendra Kelly banned the propagandist from further social media posts as a condition of his $8,000 bail for a libel complaint made by National Security Minister Wayne Munroe.

Archer flagrantly breached his bail condition by telling more lies on social media this month.

This time the target of his venomous tongue was Chief Supt Anthony Rolle.

He claimed that the respected senior cop discharged a corporal, who FNM liars claim was knocked down by Minister of Housing and Transport Jobeth Coleby-Davis on May 21, from the hospital and then offered the officer a cash bribe.

Rolle has pressed charges against Archer, who seems to love prison as if took weeks for his sureties to post his low bail.

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