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NSA deputy general manager caught double dipping

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture’s facilities manager was caught red-handed double dipping from the National Sports Authority (NSA).

According to an internal investigation into corruption at the ministry, the Facilities Manager was placed on the NSA board as acting deputy general manager by directives from then-Minister Lanisha Rolle to perform the General Manager’s functions, in a blatant “conflict of interest.”

Evidence of this was discovered in an email from Rolle to the ministry’s permanent secretary on January 28, 2021.

“He also received honorariums from NSA which is viewed as double dipping in two public servant roles as facilities manager receives a Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture salary,” according the audit.

Auditors viewed five honorarium cheques signed for by the facilities manager of $500.

According to the audit, the manager was then installed as a signatory on the NSA’s Royal Bank of Canada accounts.

“The FM arranged to be issued/paid by writing on letterhead of MYSC which had attached the fictitious MYSC scope of work documents for the Grand Bahama sporting complex. This would prompt the NSA board chairman and financial controller to sign contracts and make payments totaling $142,603 out of funds transferred into NSA accounts by arrangements of the minister,” according to the audit.

The investigation also discovered that Lanisha Rolle requested funds by six Government virement audits.

The audit found that a total of $349,363 was misappropriated.

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