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NIB Deputy Director paying outside company to do her job

A staunch Free National Movement (FNM) supporter, who was brought in to head the National Insurance Board’s Information and Communications Technology department is so out of her depth that she is spending thousands of dollars in taxpayer funds to outsource the entire IT Operations of NIB to an external service provider.

Such wasteful spending by Deputy Director June Collie has baffled many as the qualified staffers at NIB are capable of performing the work.

This outsourced arrangement has left the department demoralized. Though the NIB IT Team still does most of the daily work, Collie still pays the outside company a handsome sum on a monthly basis

It appears the Director of NIB, James Moss is clueless as he allows the contract to continue.

After the FNM won the 2017 General Election, Collie was seconded to NIB from the Ministry of Finance by then Minister of Public Service and National Insurance Brensil Rolle, who increased her salary by almost 300% .

However, Collie is still technically employed by the Ministry of Finance in the Data Information and Technology (DIT) department, where she made a mess of the IT System there.

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