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Murder victim’s body found in pauper’s grave

Almost a year after his murder, relatives of Wicardo Rolle learned that he’d been buried in an unmarked grave.

Rolle was murdered with his girlfriend Doreen Mortimer as they slept inside an abandoned car through Ida Street on November 21,2020.

His family members, who live in Florida, weren’t notified of his death and their search for their loved one ended in grief.

After being deported to The Bahamas after serving time for car theft in Florida, life wasn’t easy for Rolle because he had no family here.

So, he did odd jobs, but he still didn’t have enough money for a home.

As he had no next-of-kin, Rolle’s remains were not officially identified. And, due to a space shortage in the morgue, he received a pauper’s burial with no mourners.

Recently, Minister of Health Dr Michael Darville promised that the government would build a new morgue with increased capacity.

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