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Minnis, Pintard supporters clash during FNM Conclave

The Free National Movement’s recent conclave devolved into a bust-up between supporters of new party leader Michael Pintard and former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis, according to insiders, who told the Gallery that one Minnis loyalist cussed out senior FNMs whom he feels have abandoned Minnis since the party’s embarrassing defeat at the polls last year.

The intent of the conclave was to determine the reasons for the FNM’s defeat in the September 2021 General Election and chart the way forward but that went haywire thanks to Richard Johnson, who is said to be surviving off of the few scraps he is thrown by Minnis in exchange for his blind loyalty.

Johnson reportedly “broke up”the conclave by engaging in a war of words with senior party members.

Since Ivan “The Punch” Johnson’s sudden death last year, Minnis is struggling to find new mouthpieces to spew his venomous propaganda.

Johnson, who is now a vice chairman of the FNM, relies solely on handouts from Minnis for his survival now that a new government is in power.

In a misguided attempt to undermine Pintard and eventually overthrow him, Minnis is actively campaigning on Grand Bahama, Abaco and the other family islands.

He has made it clear he does not support Pintard and is trying his hardest to remain relevant by giving frequent interviews to the media on national issues that should be addressed by the FNM’s current leader.

Now, with the possibility of embattled Long Island MP Adrian Gibson having to vacate his seat in Parliament over allegations of WSC contracts, Minnis fears his arch nemesis, FNM Chairman Duane Sands could make a run for that area and be elected.

Sands has always enjoyed the support of political heavyweight, former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, who has never bothered to conceal his dislike for Minnis.

Meanwhile, Pintard has resurrected the defunct Party rag sheet,The Torch, in order to try and shift the narrative in the FNM’s favor.

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