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Minnis ignores FNM MPs in Parliament

Bad blood between Former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis and other members of the Free National Movement’s parliamentary team was uncomfortably evident on Wednesday as Minnis ignored the rest of the FNM MPs present in the House of Assembly.

Minnis chose to sit as far away as possible from new FNM leader Michael Pintard who interacted with other FNM MPs but barely gave Minnis a second glance.

The two men had a strained relationship in the last year of the FNM’s abbreviated term in office but a glacier now separates them following Pintard’s decision to run for FNM leader in the party’s convention in November and distance himself from some of the Minnis Administration’s unpopular policies.

Pintard is one of several former cabinet ministers who were upset by Minnis’ decision to call an early election on September 16, robbing them of eight months salary and perks.

Minnis continues to undermine Pintard by granting media interviews on national issues and refusing to attend press conferences held by Pintard.

The few FNMs still in Minnis’ inner circle believe he is working behind the scenes to show Pintard up publicly in order to make another play for the leadership position when the time is right.

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Jan 12, 2022

Is it bad blood or just childishness? A man who rose to the highest position in the country and who have affected the lives of all Bahamians, either in a positive or negative way, history will be his judge. There can only be one leader at a time, if the other elected members had any confidence in his ability to keep him as minority leader, he would have been chosen. Mr. Pintard, you are now the leader of the FNM and opposition, yes, you said you wanted to unite , but you cannot have a scab or sore go untreated, if not then the entire body will become infected. The former PM is an elected MP as you and…

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