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Minnis distancing himself from Michael Pintard

Former Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis has made the decision to distance himself from the leadership of the Free National Movement (FNM) by skipping all news conferences hosted by his replacement Michael Pintard.

In an unsuccessful attempt at relevance, Pintard dragged several of the FNM’s rejected candidates, including Former Minister of Health Renward Wells and Former Minister of Education Jeff Lloyd out of political obscurity on Wednesday to undermine the Davis Administration’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Minnis - who is the party’s Shadow Minister for Health - was nowhere to be seen.

Since his party’s defeat at the polls, Minnis has found the time to sit down for several interviews with news reporters at his condominium in Tropical Gardens at a moments notice.

However, he has told friends he can’t be bothered to publicly back Pintard, whom he does not respect.

It doesn’t help that Pintard has sought to distance himself from

some of the former Minnis Administration’s policies despite sitting at the cabinet table from 2017 to 2021.

In a sad attempt to score cheap brownie points with Bahamians, Pintard surprisingly stated this week that some of the lockdowns imposed by the FNM government were ill-advised and unnecessary.

However, in a complete show of hypocrisy, he criticized Prime Minister Philip Davis, who said lockdowns and curfews are off the table due to the crippling effect such strict measures had on the Bahamian economy under the former administration.

Frequent lockdowns and months-long curfews caused many Bahamians their livelihood, shutting down businesses and putting thousands of people out of work.

However, Pintard, who appears to be suffering from a bout of selective amnesia, now claims to have the answers to the Covid crisis.

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1 Yorum

07 Oca 2022

Why stop at Pintard? What has he done to you? You and you alone decided to call and early election. You had 8 months to try and correct some wrongs and give the Bahamian people better options, but that's the choice you made. Go quietly into the night and enjoy the rest of your life. The country is bigger than you. You have done the best you could so please step aside.

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