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Minnis blocked from speaking at FNM convention

Organizers of the Free National Movement (FNM) convention have blocked former leader Dr. Hubert Minnis from addressing delegates during the three-day event following efforts by Minnis to publicly undermine new leader Michael Pintard.

Party insiders claim the purpose of the event is to unify party supporters but to allow Minnis to take the stage would have the opposite effect.

Since his party’s humiliating loss in the September 16 General Election, Minnis has become increasingly vocal, speaking out on national issues even before the party’s leadership team has the opportunity to do so.

Minnis never wanted to relinquish the leadership position but faced pressure to announce he would not seek to nominate after Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham declared that a new FNM leader would emerge following the party’s one-day convention in November even if Minnis sought re-election.

Minnis has failed to hide his disdain for Pintard by dodging party events.

He is expected to vote during the election of party officers on Friday but Minnis is not expected to put in an appearance at the actual convention, which is being held at Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.

Minnis is plotting to seek re-election as party leader closer to the next election and only views Pintard as a placeholder.

However, senior party members hope they have seen the last of the Killarney MP whose divisive leadership style fractured the FNM.

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