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Magistrate chastises Adrian Gibson in court

A magistrate put disgraced FNM MP Adrian Gibson in his place when he finally showed up to testify against a contractor whom he claimed defamed him.

Today, was the last chance for Gibson to appear in the case that police brought against Gregory Miller.

Gibson claims that Miller tried to defame him by sending $200 to the bank account he shared with his fiancee Alexandria Mackey in December 31, 2018.

Although he’s a lawyer and should know better, Gibson tried to speak to the magistrate in private.

But the by-the-books magistrate told him that as a lawyer he knew if he wanted to address her, the defense had to be present.

So, she called in Miller and his lawyer, Ian Cargill.

With his eyes blood red as if he had been crying, Gibson said that he had never received any notice about the previous court dates.

He said that he had only received a summons last week after he wrote the DPP and the Commissioner of Police.

Gibson had the nerve to act as if he called the shots. He told the magistrate that he wouldn’t be available because as legislator he had to attend Parliament.

He then told the magistrate when he could come to court.

Without batting an eye, the magistrate said, “Don’t come here to me with your professional commitments; that has nothing to do with me.”

She told him she expected him to be present at court dates.

However, the case could not proceed due to the unavailability of a stenographer.

The trial is now set for Decmeber 7.

Other witnesses present were Bennett Minnis, a former member of the Water and Sewerage Board, and RBC employee Tennille Burrows.

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