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Lincoln Bain, Aranha caught squatting at West Bay home

Leader of the Coalition of Independents (COI) Lincoln Bain and Aranha were invited by police officers to visit Cable Beach Police Station for questioning this evening after they were allegedly caught squatting in a home on West Bay Street.

The Gallery was on the scene when officers showed up in several police cars moments ago and asked the men to go to the police station to resolve the matter.

According to sources, the two men were staying at the residence on what is formerly known as Cable Beach unbeknownst to the owner, Nelly Biche de Bere, who was out of the country.

Biche De Bere reportedly arrived in The Bahamas from France this afternoon and found Bain and Aranha living in the building.

She called police who showed up and questioned the men.

We’re told Aranha tried to pass off the residence as his own and was said to be leasing one of the units to Bain as the real owner was out of the country for an extended period.

However, the jig was up when she showed up unexpectedly.

A realtor for the property owner has been trying to sell the unit for a while but was unsuccessful because everytime he showed up, Bain and Aranha were there and Aranha claimed he owned the unit.

However, the woman was able to produce the conveyance documents to prove she owns the building.

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