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Kenred Dorsett case thrown out

Acting Director of Public Prosecutions Franklyn Williams QC has stopped the politically motivated prosecution of former PLP Cabinet Minister Kenred Dorsett.

Dorsett, the former Minister of Environment and Housing, was accused of extortion and bribery by contractor Johnathan Ash in 2017.

The former PLP MP was paraded in front of the media ahead of his arraignment in the Magistrates Court in 2017.

However, the matter has been in limbo for over four years as the case never made it to trial.

Prosecutors, this morning, issued a nolle prosequi discontinuing the case.

Ash, the Crown’s key witness, was already discredited as a liar in the botched bribery and extortion trial of former PLP Cabinet Minister Shane Gibson, who was acquitted of all charges.

Under the leadership of DPP Garvin Gaskin, the government blew millions of dollars on political witch hunts.

The Minnis administration spent $1.1 million on the failed prosecutions of Gibson and former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Senator Frank Smith, according to Attorney General Ryan Pinder.

“Between November 2017 and August 2021, the Office of the Attorney General, under the prior attorney general, spent some $3,457,688.18 in legal fees with its two primary foreign law firms in the United States and the United Kingdom,” Pinder said.

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