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Judge jails woman for 42 years for lover’s killing

A Supreme Court has sentenced a bisexual Jamaican woman to 42 years in prison for the murder of her gay lover.

Nadisha Beckford, 34, who is in the country on a spousal permit, stabbed Lakeisha Mackey multiple times after an argument in the parking lot of the Mayfair Hotel on February 20, 2021. Mackey died in hospital two days of “sharp force injuries to the head, neck and torso which were caused by a sharp weapon consistent with the use of a knife”.

In handing down her sentence, Justice Renae McKay said, “I find that a sentence of

imprisonment is appropriate for the conviction of murder. Such sentence automatically encompasses all four of the classical principles of sentencing. I have taken judicial notice of the prevalence

of murder in this court, and more particularly, the circumstances of this incident.”

“Accordingly, I find that an appropriate sentence for the Convict's conviction for the offence of murder is 42 years, which shall take effect from the

date of conviction, which is 28th of June, 2022, less

14 the 15 months and 27 days which she spent on remand.”

Although Beckford claimed she loved Mackey, she didn’t seek medical assistance for her.

Jurors heard a recorded phone conversation between Beckford and a friend when she said, “Call me when she f****** dead.”

Citing the prevalence of murders in the country and the circumstances of the crime, Justice McKay gave Beckford 42 years.

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