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Jerome Sawyer steals news partner Guardian reporters

Cable Bahamas has lost its last bit of business integrity, stealing two broadcast reporters from its own news partner The Nassau Guardian without informing the newspaper of its plans to poach its staff and move on.

For years, Jasmin Brown and Berthony McDermott were employed by the newspaper which provides daily news talent for Cable 12’s Our News program.

Instead of officially ending the 15-year business partnership that turned sour when Cable Bahamas hired Sawyer, the wicked news boss secretly hired the Guardian’s reporters in a dishonorable move surely meant to end its association with the paper giant.

Sawyer also poached two junior reporters from ZNS Northern Service in Freeport in an attempt to bolster his weak team that has struggled to retain its relevance with the meteoric rise of EyeWitness News, which features a more dynamic and aggressive news team that is willing to chase the real stories.

Sawyer is no doubt salivating over what he perceives to be a masterful play to get back at Guardian bosses who have never respected him due to his wicked ways and temper tantrums.

Now that he has more staff to lord over, maybe the washed up former ZNS anchor, whose own FNM government pushed him in a dusty corner twice, will stay to his desk and act like a boss instead of hogging up glamorous international trips that he should be assigning to actual field reporters who could benefit from the experience.

While all of the seasoned journalists of Sawyer’s era have moved off of the news scene to pursue business ventures and allow younger reporters to make a name for themselves, Sawyer refuses to hang up his microphone.

His single attempt to try a corporate career failed when BTC bosses saw through the one-trick pony and his fledgling public relations firm failed to take off.

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Williwm Stuart
Williwm Stuart
Jun 23, 2022

What is going on here ¹

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