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Adrian Gibson’s cousin tells court she witnessed money laundering

The cousin of embattled FNM MP Adrian Gibson told the Supreme Court, today, that she never witnessed bribery but she did observe what she believed to be instances of money laundering.

Rashae Gibson, who took the witness stand for the second day, recounted being asked to transfer money from Elite Maintenance to Edwileno Holdings, a company allegedly linked to Gibson and his then-girlfriend, Alexandria Mackey.

Ms. Gibson clarified that she never signed a contract with Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) and she was unaware of any contracts until her appearance in the magistrate's court.

Addressing her involvement with Elite Maintenance, Ms. Gibson stated that she knew Alexandria Mackey conducted business on behalf of the company but she never attended board meetings.

Moreover, she told the court that neither she nor Adrian Gibson discussed any WSC contracts. She adamantly denied any involvement in a conspiracy to commit bribery and asserted that Adrian Gibson never arranged or discussed any bribery with her.

Ms. Gibson was initially charged along with Adrian Gibson and several others over the award of lucrative WSC contracts to Elite Maintenance and Baha Maintenance while he served as executive chairman. However, charges against her were dropped after she agreed to become a prosecution witness.

She said Gibson told her that the home he owns in Long Island was obtained through a mortgage through Scotiabank. Ms. Gibson said he also told her that he obtained the house on Shirley Park through a private mortgager but she couldn’t remember who.

Asked if she knows of Elite Maintenance defrauding WSC, she said she had no clue what Elite was doing.

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