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Adrian Gibson’s cousin reads his texts in court; MP said he wanted to burst his ex in her head

Rashae Gibson, the cousin and former codefendant of Free National Movement (FNM) MP Adrian Gibson, delivered bombshell revelations during her testimony in the Supreme Court today.

Escorted by police, she took the stand and disclosed startling details regarding her involvement with Gibson, whom she grew up with as her father helped to raise him.

Ms. Gibson recounted a phone call from Adrian Gibson in 2017, where he proposed forming Elite Maintenance, a landscaping company, and urged her to sign on.

She also read text messages between herself and the Long Island MP.

In these exchanges, Adrian Gibson allegedly labeled his ex-girlfriend Alexandria Mackey as "greedy" and expressed that he wanted to burst his ex in her head as she “effed him” over and left him when things got rough.

Despite her lack of knowledge about the company's operations, she, along with Alexandria Mackey, Gibson's then-girlfriend, became signatories for the Scotiabank account associated with Elite Maintenance.

Ms. Gibson admitted to receiving $100 monthly dividends but clarified she never participated in landscaping or water tank painting.

Further, she revealed her association with Edwileno Holdings, a company of which she was unaware of its purpose, co-owned by Adrian Gibson and Mackey.

Rashae Gibson expressed her shock when she discovered in court from the Registrar General her unexpected involvement in Aaron Car Rental, a company listing her as a shareholder without her consent. She said she looked at the FNM MP and asked “What the F?” after learning her name was on documents for the company.

After learning of a police investigation into Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) contracts, Ms. Gibson said Adrian Gibson assured her that the corruption allegations were politically motivated attempts to discredit him.

Despite her discomfort, Ms. Gibson said she stood her ground when the former WSC executive chairman met her on Goodman’s Bay beach and tried to convince her to have the Venice Bay property transferred to her name.

She told the court her hurt and humiliation intensified upon her arrest in 2022, and said she ended up getting her own legal counsel because she felt her first lawyer, former FNM MP Elsworth Johnson, wasn’t looking out for her best interest.

Gibson stated that her testimony was voluntary and not coerced, and it was supported by the submission of email and WhatsApp exchanges, which were admitted as evidence.

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