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Jealous gigolo attacks sugar mama

A toy boy attacked his sugar mama in a fit of jealousy, a court heard.

The 30-year-old man flew into a rage after he caught the 50-year-old cougar at a bar.

Fearing that his hot mama was back on the prowl, the man choked the woman, threatened to kill her and took her phone.

The toy boy spent three months in custody awaiting trial for the assault.

He pleaded guilty before his cougar lover of eight years took the stand.

He was sentenced to three months in prison but he has already served his time since the court gave him credit for time spent on remand.

However, he has been banned from having any contact with the woman, who acted like his mother and lover for almost a decade.

They met at a nightclub as a blind date—and hit it off immediately.

The sugar mama said her CD-selling gigolo lost his mind when she told him she wanted to move on.

The cougar said she believed he took after his father, who also went crazy when his wife left.

Though out of jail, the toy boy has to find another woman to fulfill his physical and material needs.

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