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Ingraham coaching Duane Sands to lead FNM

Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham is working silently behind the scenes to have Dr. Hubert Minnis ousted as leader of the Free National Movement if the FNM loses the upcoming general election and replace him with Elizabeth MP Dr. Duane Sands.

Ingraham has been a no-show at rallies and other political events held by the FNM this election season but the former PM came out on Saturday to support Dr. Sands at his political event in Elizabeth.

It is a noticeable difference from the 2017 campaign trail when Ingraham took the rally stage on several occasions in support of Minnis.

However, the two frenemies have since fallen out due to Minnis’ large ego since becoming PM.

Ingraham disapproved of several policy positions taken by PM Minnis and it came to a head in 2019 when Ingraham offered to help guide the Minnis Administration through the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian - an offer Minnis declined.

Minnis accused Ingraham of trying to be relevant again.

Despite the bad blood between the two Hubert Alexanders, Ingraham has maintained a close relationship with Dr. Sands.

In fact, under the last Ingraham Administration, Ingraham had planned to get rid of Minnis, who was the Minister of Health at the time and replace him with Dr. Sands.

However, that plan went awry when Sands lost the Elizabeth by-election to Progressive Liberal Party candidate Ryan Pinder who won the seat in election court.

Ingraham told those in his inner circle that Minnis was “out to lunch” during most of his time as Minister of Health between 2012 and 2017 and that he failed to make a positive impact on public healthcare despite being a seasoned physician.

Minnis and Sands have always had a strained relationship that came to a head when Sands became Loretta Butler-Turner’s running mate in the FNM leadership race.

While Minnis banished all of the other senior FNMs who supported Butler-Turner, he was forced to give a nomination to Sands who enjoys the support of influential party financiers.

Sands has not tried to hide his political ambitions and he is fully expected to make a leadership bid if Minnis loses the September 16 election.

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