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Hundreds join public service as pre-election hires

The FNM government is shelling out big bucks on new hires in the lead up to the September 16 general election.

Many of the political hires are on two to three-year contracts, with some of them starting as recently as Monday.

The Minnis Administration has resorted to the same pre-election tactics it accused its predecessors of.

In 2017, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis accused the former administration of engaging in a “wild hiring spree” in the months leading up to the general election.

Then Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest, who has since resigned amid allegations of corruption, stressed the need to streamline various ministries and departments and to eliminate wasteful spending, including paying salaries for unnecessary positions.

Four years later, FNM supporters are reporting to work for positions that were pulled out of thin air.

While career public servants can’t get promotions or increments, the salaries of the contracted workers are more than double those of entry level employees.

The blatant attempt to buy the election by flooding the public service with workers on two to three-year contracts has civil servants seeing red.

The new employees have no work to do and spend their day surfing the Internet on their phones.

Just after assuming office in 2017, the FNM fired 2,500 workers after claiming the public service was bloated.

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