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Free National Movement’s propaganda team revealed

The Free National Movement has assembled a team of journalists and other professionals to push out the party’s propaganda in the days leading up to the September 16 General Election.

Topping the list is Craig Symonette who uses the pen name Simon Front Porch for a weekly column lambasting the Progressive Liberal Party in the Nassau Guardian.

Also on Minnis’ dream propaganda team are former Nassau Guardian Managing Editor Erica Wells whose day job is Communication Director in the Office of the Prime Minister and Brent Dean who left his job as General Manager at the Nassau Guardian to take up a lucrative government contract with his partner in polling company Public Domain.

Dean is the husband of FNM Senator Lisa Bostwick and son-in-law of political power couple Janet and Henry Bostwick.

They operate under the guidance of former Governor General Sir Arthur Foulkes and his son Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes.

Punch boss Ivan Johnson brings up the rear of the team by publicly discrediting Minnis’ enemies in his weekly rag. Johnson gets his information directly from Minnis during clandestine meetings at their favorite Chinese eatery.

Just ask poor Peter Turnquest who was one of the latest targets of Minnis’ Punch attacks.

The Minnis Administration has kept its propaganda team busy deflecting on one scandal after another and seeking to aim the spotlight on their political rivals.

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