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Fox pours millions into inner city communities

Self-made multimillionaire Adrian Fox has not forgotten his roots despite his mega success.

The 52-year-old father and grandfather grew up in the Kemp Road community.

After graduating high school, Fox worked as a waiter in various restaurants, earning several hundred dollars a week.

However, he was not content to be just a worker. He knew that true wealth came from being an entrepreneur.

Fox’s early business ventures included a newspaper stand, a phone card business, a hair salon and Foxies Liquor Store.

These ventures prepared Fox for his biggest investment—Island Luck.

In 2009, Fox cofounded Island Luck along with Sebastian Bastian and they quickly became the country’s largest numbers house.

Known for his generosity, Fox has helped friends and family over the years. He continues to uplift and empower those in the Kemp Road community, where he grew up, but his philanthropy has extended to the country at large.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, Fox donated $500,000 to relief efforts, as he encouraged others in corporate Bahamas to follow suit.

Last week, his charity, the Fox Foundation, made it possible for many families to have a merry Christmas by handing out $250,000 in food and gift vouchers.

The country would be so much better off if others in corporate Bahamas were as generous as Fox.

Banks, insurance companies, hotels, and food stores chains make hundreds of millions each year, but they rarely give back.

Occasionally, those entities will donate $5,000 or $10,000 to a charity but those donations are a pittance compared to their annual profits, which usually leave the country.

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28 déc. 2021

I am very grateful for Mr fox for me and my Kemp road family we love you

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