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Four police officers charged with manslaughter

Four police officers who claimed that they shot and killed a man after he pointed a gun at them were today charged with manslaughter.

Corporal Archibald Miller Jr, Corporal Thomas Thurston, Constable Lee Dormeus and Constable Kevin Greenslade Jr, the nephew of former police commissioner Ellison Greenslade, could be jailed for life if convicted of manslaughter in the November 13, 2021 death of Danrico Alexander Carey.

Although body camera footage shows Carey coming out of his car with his hands up, police claimed that they killed him because they were in fear of their lives.

The officers are all part of the Rapid Response Team that operates out of Police Headquarters.

They were not required to enter a plea to the manslaughter charge when they made an initial appearance before Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis today.

Bail was denied. However, the allegedly dirty cops are hoping to be granted emergency bail.

The men will next appear before Magistrate Rolle-Davis on April 25.

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