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Former top cop fears for job over political prosecutions

Former Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson fears for his job as National Crime Intelligence Agency (NCIA) Director now that the Free National Movement (FNM) has been tossed out of office.

Under the former FNM government, Ferguson oversaw the failed political prosecutions of three former PLP members of parliament.

In the botched case of former cabinet minister Shane Gibson, lead police investigator Debra Thompson told the Supreme Court that Ferguson, who was commissioner of police at the time, was aware that she had organized a joint - and illegal - meeting with the prosecution’s two key witnesses and their attorneys to “synchronize” their witness statements and iron out blatant “inconsistencies” in their versions of events to increase the police force’s chances of a conviction.

Ferguson was also commissioner of police during the case of former Public Hospitals Authority Chairman Frank Smith whose disastrous trial ended in an acquittal and two cabinet ministers being judicially condemned for their involvement with star prosecution witness Barbara Hanna.

Following his short stint as the top cop, Ferguson was rewarded for his loyalty to the former government with an appointment as the first director of the NCIA in June 2021.

The NCIA is the primary agency responsible for gathering, analyzing, coordinating, disseminating, and reflecting the complex overlapping of both domestic and international security issues.

However, some people have questioned if Ferguson is the right man for the job following his heavy role in the former government’s malicious prosecutions of its political opponents.

It raises the question, is he really focused on targeting criminals or simply law abiding citizens with different political views?

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