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Former FNM Minister rushes to Omar Archer’s aid

Former FNM cabinet minister Elsworth Johnson has come to the rescue of FNM liar-for-hire Omar Archer, who has been locked up in Fox Hill for over two weeks after he couldn’t find anyone to post bail.

Johnson, an attorney, found two party supporters who have agreed to post Archer’s bail today.

A worker at Arawak Cay and an FNM supporter who works in the public service are expected to sign the bail of the former contractors registrar this morning.

Archer was granted bail on April 13, two days after he was arraigned in the Magistrates Court on intentional libel charges.

The 51-year-old will stand trial on June 14 after he accused Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe of assaulting his spouse.

Prosecutors also allege that on April 4, 2022, Archer indirectly instigated, procured and encouraged causing harm to Munroe, Chakara Davis and two juveniles. He pleaded not guilty.

Magistrate Kendra Kelly set Archer’s bail at $8,000 with one or two sureties on the condition that he stays off of social media and makes no further comments about Munroe.

She warned Archer that bail would be revoked if he fails to abide by this condition.

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