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Former FNM Minister borrowing money to survive

Three months after voters fired the Free National Movement (FNM) government, former Minister of Labor Dion Foulkes is still struggling to find work.

Before being appointed as an FNM senator and cabinet minister in 2017, Foulkes borrowed money from his inner circle and played poker to get by financially.

Therefore, he was relieved when then-Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis threw him a bone by paying him two salaries as a government senator and cabinet minister with perks.

An attorney by profession, Foulkes has struggled in the courtroom and in politics. He has lost more times than he has won.

In 2001, he was convinced he would be set financially when he was elected as then-FNM leader Tommy Turnquest’s running mate before the 2002 General Election.

However, not only did the FNM lose that election to the Perry Christie-led Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), both Foulkes and Turnquest lost their seats in the House of Assembly.

Minnis didn’t run Foulkes in the 2017 General Election, but still appointed him Minister of Labour - a role he slept through for four years.

Union leaders often complained of not being able to reach Foulkes, who was barely visible during the last stretch of the Minnis Administration’s short term in office.

If things don’t work out on the legal front, the son of former Governor General Arthur Foulkes may have to settle for a position at the financially unstable Fusion Superplex, where Foulkes’ younger brother Carlos serves as Chief Executive Officer.

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