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Former COP rewarded for overseeing political prosecution

Former Police Commissioner Anthony Ferguson has not been held accountable for corruption in office.

Ferguson continues to hold the sensitive post of director of the National Crime Intelligence Agency after sanctioning illegal practices as Commissioner of Police.

ASP Debra Thompson broke the law by holding a joint meeting with prosecution witnesses in the Shane Gibson case “to synchronize their statements.”

Thompson was forced to admit holding the improper meeting after one of the participants secretly recorded it.

On the witness stand, Thompson said that COP Ferguson authorized the meeting.

What’s more, she added that police held such meetings all the time.

Although Thompson admitted misconduct, the FNM rewarded her with a promotion to superintendent.

The FNM also made Ferguson the director of the NCIA after he retired as commissioner.

Gibson made formal complaints against both Thompson and Ferguson for their misconduct.

But those complaints fell on deaf ears during the FNM’s term.

After the FNM lost the government, Thompson was put on administrative leave, pending an investigation into her wrongdoing.

However, Ferguson has escaped unscathed, although Thompson was following his orders.

The question remains: Should someone with a track record of dishonestly like Ferguson hold such a sensitive post?”

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