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Former Civil Servant and Avid Golfer, George Swann dies at 64

George Swann, a distinguished civil servant, and passionate golfer, passed away this morning following a long and debilitating illness.

Swann, 64, died shortly after midnight.

Before his health struggles forced him to take a step back, Swann enjoyed a storied career in the public sector.

With over three decades of service at the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (Batelco), where he held various roles including Senior Technical Associate, Swann left his mark on the telecommunications industry.

Later, he transitioned to the National Insurance Board, contributing his expertise.

Swann was a proud alumnus of A. F. Adderley Senior High School and pursued his passion for industrial electronics at the College of the Bahamas.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Swann was a music lover and an avid golfer, who traveled the world to indulge in his love for the sport.

Survived by his wife, Sharon, and siblings, Swann's memory will endure through the lives he touched and the contributions he made to his community.

As family, friends, and colleagues mourn his passing, they remember Swann not only as a diligent civil servant but also as a devoted husband, brother, and friend.

May he rest in peace.

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07 апр.

Well loved and respected....May his soul rest in peace.

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