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Former cabinet minister drowning in debt

A former Cabinet Minister in the rejected Minnis Administration desperately needs the $50,000 party chairman salary as he’s drowning in debt.

The one-time MP once again became a struggling attorney after Bahamian voters kicked him out of office.

Prior to the 2017 election, he was able to avoid starving to death by using his connections to get a soft job at a Law School.

But even while earning about $65,000 per year, plus benefits, the former MP found it difficult to pay his bills.

His children suffered the embarrassment of being pulled out of classes due to nonpayment of school fees—and his utilities were often disconnected.

Though struggling to make ends meet, he left the law school after the job didn’t work out.

He started his own firm but he could barely make his rent.

The former minister was happy to become a man of power after a serious falling out with one of his few clients that could have ended his practice.

Now, he is back to square one as he once again struggles to put bread on the table.

The failed FNM candidate desperately wants to become chairman of the party in hopes of returning to the sweet life of politics.

He raised eyebrows when he took a cheap shot at the current chairman but he isn’t much better as he often misuses and mispronounces words.

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