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Forbes-Smith left DRA in shambles

The Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA) formed under the Minnis administration in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, was established for the sole purpose of bringing relief to hurricane victims.

Following the passage of Dorian, thousands of residents of Abaco and Grand Bahama found themselves in dire need of social assistance.

Local and international organizations donated millions of dollars to provide relief to residents of areas decimated by Dorian.

The DRA, under the leadership of Kay Forbes-Smith, Managing Director, was mandated to ensure that Abaco and Grand Bahama were restored.

What has now been discovered on both islands is heartbreaking. Under the management of Forbes-Smith, residents of Abaco and Grand Bahama are still homeless with little to no repairs carried out on their homes.

To make matters worse, Forbes-Smith has yet to explain how she “acquired “ the generator she sold to Grand Bahama Power Company and deposited the funds to her account.

The DRA was left in shambles and is now being restructured to firstly rebuild donor confidence and then tackle projects left partially completed or untouched.

The restructuring exercise, which involves a full investigation of spending, policies and day to day operations has found much to be concerned about.

The level of mismanagement and the lack of progress found after Dorian warrants not just termination of the entire staff but continued investigation.

New current Chairman, Alex Storr, along with his able management team has meticulously crafted plans which will move the work of the DRA by leaps and bounds.

Both Abaco and Grand Bahama will feel the positive effects of the vision of Chairman Storr.

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