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FNMs want Minnis gone before November convention

Factions of the Free National Movement (FNM) are furious over the position taken by Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis to remain at the helm of the party until the FNM holds its convention next month, despite its embarrassing defeat in the September 16 General Election.

Many FNMs believe Minnis’ arrogance and dictatorial approach to leadership cost the party the election, holding onto just seven of its 35 seats in parliament.

The disgraceful defeat was a shocker for Minnis who had declared on several occasions that the FNM would win all 39 seats in the 2021 election.

Minnis insists his parliamentary colleagues want him to lead.

After he was sworn in as opposition leader last month, Minnis was asked why he wanted to stay on despite leading his party to such a crushing loss.

“My parliamentary colleagues selected me”, he replied.

Minnis won in Killarney, Michael Pintard in Marco City, Kwasi Thompson in East Grand Bahama, Iram Lewis in Central Grand Bahama, Shanendon Cartwright in St. Barnabas, Adrian White in St. Anne’s and Adrian Gibson in Long Island.

However, senior party members say the opinion of the few FNM candidates who were successful at the polls is not representative of the views of the majority of members.

During his nine years as FNM leader and four years as prime minister, Minnis managed to offend and alienate respected and influential members of the party, including Former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, former Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest, former House Speaker Alvin Smith and former Deputy Leader Loretta Butler-Turner.

Many of them refrained from voting or secretly supported the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) in the recent election in an attempt to get rid of Minnis and reclaim their party.

They believe Minnis in his arrogance and selfishness wants to save face and find a way to stay on as FNM leader so that he doesn’t go down in Bahamian history as the shortest serving prime minister and the only one-term prime minister.

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