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FNM MP Adrian Gibson moves to block his cousin’s evidence

Attorneys representing Free National Movement (FNM) Member of Parliament Adrian Gibson and his co-defendants have launched a bid to disallow evidence linked to his cousin, Rashae Gibson, who recently accepted a plea deal.

Today, the Court of Appeal heard arguments from Gibson's legal team, contending that the evidence, stemming from Ms. Gibson's plea deal, should be excluded from proceedings due to its absence during the preliminary hearing.

During the hearing, Defense Attorney Murrio Ducille, after persistent questioning from Justice Jon Isaacs, confirmed that they had indeed received a copy of Ms. Gibson's evidence.

However, the defense argued that since it wasn't presented during the preliminary hearing, it should not be admitted.

Director of Public Prosecutions Cordell Frazier disclosed that despite the Supreme Court offering the defense time to address the new evidence, they opted to file an appeal instead.

The Justices of Appeal stressed that their decision wouldn't impede the progress of the trial, which is scheduled to resume on Monday.

Justice Milton Evans cautioned Gibson's legal team, emphasizing that any conviction resulting from the trial could prevent them from revisiting the matter during an appeal.

He suggested it might be more pragmatic to reserve the issue for a potential appeal process post-trial.

Gibson, the former executive chairman of Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) is on trial following allegations that he failed to declare his interest in lucrative contracts awarded by WSC to several companies during his time in that government-appointed position. He is also accused of laundering money from those contracts through the purchase of property and vehicles.

Two of Gibson’s co-defendants have accepted a plea deal.

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