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FNM govt. fixed up supporter at NIB

Prior to it’s stunning defeat at the polls, the Minnis Administration fixed up staunch Free National Movement (FNM) supporter June Collie with a base salary of $135,000 a year in addition to a duty allowance of $12,000 a year in the public service.

Collie is employed by the Ministry of Finance in the Data Information and Technology (DIT) department but was seconded to the National Insurance Board in 2018 as Deputy Director of Information and Communications Technology.

However, just before the September 16 General Election, then Minister of Public Service and National Insurance Brensil Rolle granted her a two-year extension.

The government pays her $50,000 a year while NIB makes up the difference of $85,000.

This has irked Finance workers who said Collie was completely clueless on the job but the Minnis Administration simply wanted to fix her up by sending her to NIB to head up an entire department.

Workers there say she has made the environment toxic and gave FNM supporters working beneath her promotions they didn’t deserve.

Now that it’s a new day, NIB workers want her to be sent back to the Ministry of Finance.

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